A pro staff community

What is the Deeper Heroes program?

Deeper Heroes is a global, invite only pro-staff community of anglers who are passionate about the newest technologies in fishing and who just love sharing their tips and tricks with others.

We commit to sharing everything we make with the Deeper Heroes community in return for their invaluable feedback, and their passion in sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for our smart sonar products.

Why do we need heroes?

Deeper’s smart sonars have revolutionised fishing. Now anglers have the power of sonar technology right in their tackle box. And they can use it for bank, kayak, fly, ice or any other type of fishing. But many anglers don’t know about this game-changing innovation, or aren’t using it to its full potential.

This is where Deeper Heroes come to the rescue. The main challenges are to:

  • Raise awareness

    As Deeper is a first-of-its-kind device, it has created a new tackle box category that many anglers are still not aware of.

  • Educate

    Packed full of cutting-edge technologies, Deeper smart sonars can feel new and unusual for many anglers. The Deeper Heroes are here to show that Deeper’s products are for everyone, and to educate users on how to use them and what benefits they can bring.

  • Share Knowledge 

    Deeper smart sonars are unique fishing tools whose software is being constantly updated. There are many tips, tricks and uses still waiting to be discovered and shared.

What are my special powers? (How exactly can I help?)

  • Sharing tips & tricks and ‘how to’ videos, posting pictures on social media with you using our product;
  • Sharing news about Deeper products and important updates on social media;
  • Helping anglers by answering their questions about Deeper products on social media;
  • Giving us feedback on upcoming features, and suggesting new ones;
  • Supporting our marketing by providing high resolution pictures and video footage;

What benefits do Deeper Heroes get?

  • Firstly, as a Deeper Hero you’ll get everything we make (sonars, mounts, accessories, promotional shirts, caps, etc.) before its available in the shops, completely for free!
  • You’ll also get a huge traffic boost to your social media accounts and website from ours.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to engage with avid anglers, both locally and globally, and you’ll be recognised as a smart angler in fishing communities.
  • Finally, you get to be part of an exclusive community of likeminded pro-anglers.

Who may join Hero program?

If you are one of the following, then you have all the powers to rise a hero.

  • YouTube Vlogger

    Self-learner angler, sharing how-tos, tips & tricks and nice catch videos on his/her own maintained channel.

  • Social Media Content Creator

    Angler with a number of followers that get teased by greatest catches and amazing inspirational fishing moments.

  • Open-Minded Pro Angler

    Active participant or organiser of various fishing tournaments, rookie or well-known sportsman.

  • Angling Entrepreneur

    Angler whose job overlaps with his/her main passion. Fishing guide, inn owner, lure maker, you name it.

  • Active Blogger and Forum Whale

    Know-it-all angler who shares many angling secrets with blog readers or forum members.

How to apply for a program?

If you are one of the following, then you have all the powers to rise a hero.

  • It's totally free

    Just fill in the application form and give us couple days to read your insane profile.

  • Provide information

    Please provide us with as much info as possible. No worries, we protect our heroes secret identities.

  • Rise a Hero

    Become a member of a global invite only pro staff community of smart anglers.