Ice Fishing

Deeper wireless sonar is cold-resistant. Wait for the winter to come and watch it perform its best on ice. The wireless device, measuring only 2.5ins / 65mm in diameter fits the ice fishing hole far better than the unwieldy cable equipment.


New Feature: GPS Ice Hole Marking. Record and save all the ice holes you fish directly onto a map with the GPS Ice Hole Marking feature. For each new location you fish, a new spot will be marked on your map. Any data your Deeper picks up at that location will also be stored. So you’ll end up with a detailed record of every hole you fished, which you can use again next time you are fishing that site (the map is available offline). The Smart Sonar Pro+ will use its internal GPS for this feature. For the Fishfinder 3.0 and Smart Sonar Pro the app uses your phone’s GPS, so make sure your phone is as close as possible to the hole you’re fishing when you first put the Deeper in; after a couple of seconds your location will be marked and you can move your phone away. And when the ice has melted, why not head out in a boat to see how your winter sweet spots fish in the spring?


New Feature: Adjustable maps size. The Adjustable Offline Maps feature puts you in control of what you see, allowing you to effortlessly tailour your screen display. Now you can decide how much of your display you want the map to take up; simply click the icon and then drag the map across your screen as far as you want. And when you’re done with it, it’s gone in one swipe.


Drill the ice fishing hole and drop your Deeper into it. The device floats on the water and you no need to worry to fasten it to a line. Deeper won’t sink. However, if the water stream under the ice is strong you better use the top bolt to fasten Deeper device to a line as a precaution. It’s an ultimate must have equipment for the ice fishing enthusiast.


Display a traditional ice fishing Flasher Screen to monitor conditions under the ice. The Amplitude Scope Mode enables Deeper Smart Sonar to track the movement even of the smallest lure or bait in real time and the Split Screen function transmits both Regular and Ice Fishing Flasher Modes on one screen. Seeing the real time transmission enables you to follow all underwater movements, including your lure or bait motion and location of fish.








The Zoom feature allows ice anglers to enlarge the focus area for the objects of your choosing on the Vertical Flasher for better real time lure and fish tracking. It’s an extremely accurate tool to position all underwater interactions. If you spot a fish, use Zoom feature to maximise its observation and target it with your lure or bait.

Get an entirely new experience when fishing on ice. Forget long, wet and cold cables you have to drag when hole hopping. Deeper device is small and easy portable. It’s the ultimate Ice Flasher you can carry inside your tackle box or your pocket. For the maximum safety use the water-resistant soft carrying pouch and attach it to your belt. Moreover, the lithium ion battery enclosed inside the Deeper device, so you don’t need to connect or disconnect your battery after each use. Once Deeper device is in the water it automatically powers on.

Three advanced colour palettes are available when using Ice Fishing Mode. Choose the best suitable screen one corresponding to the time and brightness of day.


How to use Deeper for ice fishing

Drill ice fishing hole

Drop Deeper into the ice fishing hole

Receive Ice Flasher readings to your smartphone

Choose Deeper smart sonar

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