Boat / Kayak Fishing

Explore the water and fish like a pro. Deeper castable sonar is perfect for small water crafts. Compact and portable device is an excellent solution to fish from boat, kayak, or float tube. Turn your smartphone or tablet into the sonar system and take it anywhere you boat or kayak.




Use a versatile Flexible Arm Mount to fasten Deeper device to your boat or kayak. Mount Deeper wireless sonar using the top bolt and attach to your boat, so that the device dips into the water halfway.

Attached outside your boat or kayak it makes enough room for a comfortable fishing and paddling. 







Boat Mode enables you to instantly monitor water bottom by creating real time bathymetric maps. All collected data is archived and stored on your smartphone or tablet for later observation.

Turn the Boat Mode on Deeper App and start mapping. The white line on a map is your smartphone GPS record whereas the colourful scale refers to the depth curves (the isobath). 





You can easily identify different depths according to the colours displayed on your device. Shallow waters are colored in orange whereas the deepest spots are displayed in blue. It makes it handy to ascertain the key fish-holding areas.







To use the new feature, turn on the Boat mode located in the upper menu bar Settings field.






Enjoy unlimited data of the sonar imaging recordings and bathymetric map logs. For your convenience, we moved the history button from the sliding menu to the more visible upper main menu bar.



All of the sonar data are stored and conveniently presented in one place, so it doesn't take long to find what you need, analyze it, and be prepared for the next fishing trip like never before. 


How to use Deeper for kayak/boat fishing

Fasten Deeper to the Flexible Arm Mount

Mount to your boat/kayak and scan water

Receive sonar readings to your smartphone

Choose Deeper smart sonar

Watch Deeper in action