Shore Fishing

Every time you go fishing, do you wonder, what’s in there for you? Deeper castable sonar is your way to explore the underwater features and get your trophy. It floats on the surface, scans and transmits detailed bottom and water column information directly to your smartphone or tablet. It captures depth, bottom structure, vegetation, temperature and fish location to help improve catches. Even while fishing onshore, you can now access accurate fish finding data that was previously available only on the consoles of expensive fishing boats.



Tie Deeper to your fishing line, cast it and pull it towards oneself at a slow, steady rate. The sonar beam scans what’s under the water and transmits all real time data to your smartphone or tablet. Use the middle bolt when fishing onshore and casting a relatively long distance.

Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 offers a Bluetooth connection that secures the distance between the device and its user up to 130ft/40 m. Whereas Wi-Fi connection enables to enhance the distance between Deeper Smart Sonar PRO and PRO+ and the device user up to 330ft/100 m.

Weighing just 3.5oz/100g and measuring 2.5ins/65mm in diameter, the diminutive device is suitable for use with standard rods and lines, and does not require any special tackle.


Deeper castable sonar scans your chosen area with the ultrasound waves and transmits all underwater data to your smartphone or tablet in real time.

Innovative Smart Imaging technology provides detailed bottom and water column information – bottom contour, underwater structures, vegetation, depth, temperature, fish targets and other useful features to help improve catches.

Whatever it is, drowned timber, sheer downward slope, small humps, rocks or any other structure, it is accurately displayed on your smartphone or tablet.


How to use Deeper for shore fishing

Cast Deeper with rod

Scan water with Deeper

Receive sonar readings to smartphone

Choose Deeper smart sonar

Watch Deeper in action