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Deeper Fishfinder
Deeper Fishfinder
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Deeper fishfinder is the first of it's kind portable, wireless sonar, compatible with 6000+ iOS and Android devices, specially designed to find out location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more.

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Reasons why Deeper

Deeper has been designed to fit into your fishing tackle box so you could take it anywhere.



Dual beam

Depth up to 130ft

Range up to 160ft

Up to date software

Today, Deeper is a must for passionate fishermen who want their fishing to be successful.

Deeper - Smart Fishfinder, The World's Most Versatile, Wireless Sonar

Pole Fishing

Make every cast count.

Boat Fishing

Unfold the world beneath your boat.

Kayak Fishing

Discover new fishing locations other miss.

Ice Fishing

Take ice fishing to the next level.

Other use

Countless possibilities of use. Find yours.

Wherever adventure takes you, Deeper sonar delivers performance you can depend on.

How to use Deeper

Cast Deeper with rod

Scan water with Deeper

Receive sonar readings to smartphone


Whatever your passion is, Deeper will help you make it unforgettable experience. Take it to your next scuba diving adventure, fishing trip, or use it to reveal the depths of your garden pond. Have a look how others use Deeper. Be creative!